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Sometimes When the Moon is High

Sometimes when the moon is high, this drummer steals away
And plays on his old army drum, til the dawning of the day

-- from The Discharged Drummer


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  1. Ballygow/The Bus Stop (Anita Anderson)/MacDonald's
  2. The Tinker Behind the Door/Snug in a Blanket
  3. The Joker's Pulska/Breton Gavottes
  4. J'entends le Moulin/Louis Cyr (Jean Claude Mirandette)
  5. The Discharged Drummer
  6. Breton Suite Pourlet/The Alley II (Pete Sutherland)
  7. Tippy Get Your Hair Cut/Ricky's White Face (Liz Carroll)/Florence Kelly's (Jeremiah McLane)
  8. Canaday I O/The Farrier (Otis Thomas)/Pluto's in Scorpio (Keith Murphy)
  9. Bury Me Not in the Deep, Deep Sea
  10. Reel D'Issoudun/La Grondeuse
  11. Ma Commere, Ma Mie/Retour de Montaignac (Frederic Paris)
  12. Sur la Route de Dijon
  13. Soul of the Limestone Rock (Jeremiah McLane with Keith Murphy)
  14. Eugene O'Donnell (James MacCafferty)/Bea Maye's/Tuttle's/Lady Ann Montgomery



Tinker Behind the Door

In London town where I do dwell a buxom lass I know quite well (x2)
A servant to a gentleman a tinker came to her to sell her a pan

All to kettle fal dettle fal I gee-o
Whack fal dettle fal I gee-o

The gentleman being out one day the tinker came here to sport and play (x2)
He got this maid behind the door and gently laid her on the floor
The joke was over and for his pan she slipped him 20 guineas in hand (x2)
Saying if you pass this way again my kettle is ready to boil the same

The landlord will bring a pot of good beer for 20 guineas I have got here (x2)
Your money is good my liquor is fine, you may stay here with me and dine
It was not long so I've been told the tinker' used up all his gold (x2)
He'll have to do as he did before, go boil the kettle behind the door
J'entends le Moulin
J'entends le moulin, tique tique tique
J'entends le moulin taque

Mon pere a fait batir maison, j'entends le moulin taque
L'a fait batir a trois pignons, tique tique ... tique taque
Sont trois charpentiers qui la font, j'entends le moulin taque
Le plus jeune, c'est mon mignon, tique tique ... tique taque
Qu'apportes-tu mon p'tit fripon?, j'entends le moulin taque

Asseyons-nous et le mangeons, j'entends le moulin taque
En s'asseyant il fit un bond, tique tique ... tique taque
Qui fit trembler mer et poisson, j'entends le moulin taque
Et les cailloux qui sont au fond, tique tique ... tique taque

English Translation
I can hear the mill going around and around
My father built a house with three three pillars
Three carpenters helped him, and the youngest is my true love
"What are you carrying there, my little one?"
"It is a paté‚ made from three pigeons."
"Let's sit down and eat it."
In sitting down they made a big leap down from the house
A leap that shook the sea and its fish
And the rocks that are at the very bottom.

The Discharged Drummer

In Bristol lived a lady, and she was scarce 16
Courted she was by many, her favour for to win
But none of them could suit her, or please her to her mind
Until there came a drummer, so loving and so kind
Well the drummer he stepped up to her, and he stole from her one kiss

He said, "Dear honored lady, in the regiment will you enlist?"
Oh yes replied the lady, and this I'll surely do
For while I love your music sweet, likewise your ratta tootoo
And if you consent to marry, or to lie by my side
I'll buy your discharge mv love, in a carriage you will ride
Oh yes replied the drummer, how happy I should be
But I'm afraid that you won't lie, with such a poor man as me
Oh that you may depend on, the lady made reply
For if I don't wed with you young man, I'll never be made a bride
This couple they got married, with servants at their call
and the drummer's knocked off playing, among his comrades all
But sometimes when the moon is high, this drummer steals away
And plays on his old armiy drum, til the dawning of the day

Canaday I O

Come all you jolly fellows, how would you like to go
And spend one winter in the woods of Canaday I O
It's going up to Canada is what the voting men say
And going up to Canada depends upon the pay

It's sure you'll get good wages, we'll pay your passage out
But you must sign the papers to say you'll stay the route
For if you should get homesick and say back home you'll go
We I will not pay vour passage back from Canaday I O
We had a pleasant journey on the route we had to go
We landed in Three Rivers Of Canaday I O
And then the Norcoss agent he came a prowling round
And said me jolly fellows why don't you all lie down

Our hearts were made of iron, our Souls were cased in steal
The hardships of the winter Could never make us yield
Our food the dogs would hark at our beds were on the snow
We suffered worse than hardship up in Canaday I O
And now the winter's over, it's homeward we are bound
In this god forsaken country we'll never more be found
Go back to vour wives and sweethearts, tell others not to go
To that god forsaken country called Canaday I O

Bury Me Not in the Deep, Deep Sea

Oh bury me not in the deep, deep sea
these words came slow and faintly
from the pallid lips of a youth who lay
in his cabin bunk at the close of day
Oh bury me not in the deep, deep sea
where the cold dark waves will swallow me
where no light shall break through the darkening waves
and no sunbeam find my silent grave

He mourned and pined til o'er his brow
death's shades had slowly crept there now
He wished his home and his loved ones nigh
as the sailors gathered to see him die

Oh bury me not ... his voice failed there
they paid no heed to his dying prayer
they lowered him down o'er the ships dark side
and above him closed the dismal tide

He bore no costly winding sheet
to wrap around his head or feet
They lowered him down where the billows roar
In the deep, deep sea far from the shore

A girl on shore, many tears will shed
for the one who lies on the ocean bed
Above his heart the whale will hiss
And his pallid lips the fish will kiss

Sur La Route de Dijon

Sur la route de Dijon la belle diigue dig la belle digue don (x2)
Il y avait une fontaine digue don digue don den
Il y avait une fontaine aux oiseaux aux oiseaux
Pres d'elle une jolie tendron le belle digue la belle digue don (x2)
Pleurait comme une madeleine, digue don digue don den
Pleurait comme une madeleine aux oiseaux aux oiseaux

Par la passe un bataillon la belle digue dig la belle digue don (x2)
Qui chantait a perdre haleine digue don digue don den
Qui chantait a perdre haleine aux oiseaux aux oiseaux

Belle comment vous nomme-t-on la belle digue dig la belle digue don (x2)
On me nomme Marjolaine digue don digue don den
On me nomme Marjolaine aux oiseaux aux oiseaux

Marjolaine qu'avex vous donc? la belle digue dig la belle digue don (x2)
Messieurs j'ai beaucoup de peine digue don digue don den
Messieurs j'ai beaucoup de peine aux oiseaux aux oiseaux

Parait que tout le bataillon la belle digue dig la belle digue dig (x2)
Consola la Marjolaine digue don digue don den
Consola la Marjolaine aux oiseaux aux oiseaux

Si vous passez a Dijon la belle digue dig la belle digue don (x2)
Allez boire a la fontaine digue don digue don den
Allez boire a la fontaine aux oiseaux aux oiseaux


English Translation
On the way to Dijon there was a fountain
Near it there was a young girl who was crying
Then along came a regiment of soldiers who were singing
"Young lady, what is vour name?" they ask
"My name is Marjolaine" she answers.
"Well Marjolaine, what's wrong?"
"Gentlemen," she says, "I have much pain."
It seemed that the entire regiment tried to console her.
As they were leaving, the soldiers say, "When vou get to Dijon, go have a drink at the fountain there."


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